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Shock absorber


Shock absorber

Why buying an accessory shock absorber?

bbbThe original suspension is made for "normal" use on roads. If you are doing something besides the normal use or the bike needs to carry more weight than it was planned to then it can happen that the original suspension is not able to handle this. That could be very heavy luggage for a tour, track days or racing. Even if the suspension doesn´t feel the way you would like to have it or you are simply looking for a higher-end alternative. Therefore you have a wide range of shock absorber options. Starting with a single tube shock with 36mm piston up to a TTX44 MX & Enduro shock absorber with twin tube technology and 44mm piston. Qualities that all shocks from Öhlins share: sensitive response & modern design! Already in the late seventies the first ÖHLINS twin shocks developed and tested by Kenth Öhlin were released to the market. From that point it has been continuous development. Originally operating only in off-road sports with much success, then soon came the range for sports bikes. This then led to the successful introduction of forks.

Types of shock absorbers:

  • S= single tube shock absorber
  • T= twin tube shock absorber 25, 30, 36, 39, 44, 46 & 50 = piston diameter in mm
  • E= Emulsion shock absorber
  • D= High pressure gas type shock absorber with internal reservoir in the main body
  • P= High pressure gas type shock absorber with external "piggy back" reservoir
  • H= High pressure gas type shock absorber with hose mounted external reservoir
  • Q1= Progressive damping shock absorber with two pistons
  • W= Shock absorber delivered without spring (spring needs to be ordered separately)

Adjustment Features:

  • C1= Adjustable compression damping
  • C2= High- and low speed compression damping
  • C4= Electronically controlled (EC) compression damping adjuster
  • R1= Adjustable rebound damping
  • R4= Electronically controlled (EC) rebound damping adjuster
  • S= Hose mounted hydraulic spring preload adjuster
  • S1= Electronically controlled (EC) hydraulic spring preload adjuster
  • B= Integrated hydraulic spring preload adjuster
  • L= Adjustable Length

An example of the definition of types and the shock absorber adjustments:

S46PR1C2LS= single tube shock absorber with 46mm piston, external "piggy back" reservoir, adjustable rebound damping, adjustable high- and low speed compression damping, adjustable length and hose mounted hydraulic spring preload adjuster. The information about the shock type and adjustment features you will find within the notes of the individual product.